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Current Best Mortgage Rates in Pittsfield, MA

If you, along with many other potential homeowners, have been enticed by dropping mortgage rates and are planning on financing your first home, now might actually be the perfect time. Keep in mind, just because average mortgage rates are at their lowest doesn’t mean every lender will be offering an affordable financing option. In order… Read More

Where to Get the Best Pittsfield Mortgage Rates on an ARM

If you are thinking about purchasing a house, but traditional fixed rate mortgages aren’t for you, look into an adjustable rate mortgage instead. ARMs work differently than regular mortgages, and currently, you could find an exceptionally affordable interest rate on one. Read More

Lowest Pittsfield 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

At a point when mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve ever been, it’s recommended you take advantage of the opportunity to get extremely low-interest financing before rates go back up. If you’ve been planning to buy a house, now may be the best time to do it. Who knows if you’ll ever have the chance… Read More